The making of Windows 10’s new Hero image wallpaper

The making of Windows10's Hero image wallpaper

With Windows 10’s July 29th launch date fast approaching, Microsoft is entering the final days of eliminating bugs and polishing the user interface. And one polish that was revealed in more detail today was the making of the new Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image.

Previous Windows 10 Insider builds have come with landscape backgrounds of snow covered mountain tops, fog covered forests, and rolling desert sand dunes. These images were more inline with the tradition set by Windows XP’s grass covered hills with a picturesque blue sky.

By contrast, the Hero Image revealed today was shot by Bradley Munkowitz, a designer and artist known for his work on movies such as Tron and Oblivion. And Munkowitz, also known as Gmunk, brings a different take on Window’s default desktop image with light shining through the redesigned Microsoft logo into a smoke filled space, casting the Windows 10 logo as a glowing portal of sorts.

In the video Gmunk says the project is about a one point perspective and “looking at the window itself as a portal that was allowing us to look into space,” and he uses lights and smoke to shoot a unique image of the Windows logo with a real camera, not digital rendering.

What do you think of the new Hero image, is it a good departure from previous landscape focused wallpapers? Let us know in the comment section.

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