‘Making of Surface 2’ video gives us a glimpse at new Type Cover colors, keyboard gestures


Microsoft Surface 2 - Panos Panay

Microsoft has uploaded a new video to its official YouTube channel, giving everyone a glimpse at the making of the Surface 2. In the video, Microsoft goes over the Touch/Type Covers and how the company has revolutionized the device.

“I am so proud of what we have today. We built the best device I believe that’s out there and the best device that we could,” Microsoft’s Stevie Bathiche stated in the video. He is a “distinguished scientist” for the company. Microsoft’s Panos Panay also speaks about the Surface 2 in the video, speaking about the accessories along with consumer feedback.

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. As you will see at the 0:25 mark, there are new orange and green colors, along with the usual colors of magenta, white, cyan, black, and red. At about the 0:44 mark, Microsoft shows off keyboard gesturing, which allows you to interact with the operating system via a keyboard gesture on the Touch Cover.

The Surface 2 is set for release on October 22nd and comes with Windows RT 8.1 or Windows 8.1, depending on the tablet you choose.