Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 Mobile now lets you ‘undo’ a mistake

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has pushed a number of updates for its Mail and Calendar app on Windows 10 Mobile with bug fixes and enhancements. The Mail and Calendar app has picked up yet another update, but it’s not a major one.

The latest update brings up a What’s New screen when you launch the app. As the name suggests, the new screen lists all the changes introduced with the update. Apart from that, the developers also introduced an “undo” feature to let your rectify your mistakes.

Other than than, there’s nothing ground breaking in the update. Just head over to the Windows Store and grab the updated Mail and Calendar app for Windows 10. Let us know if you notice any other change in the latest update using the comments below.

Mail and Calendar
Mail and Calendar
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free
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Can you notice any other major changes in the latest Mail and Calendar update for Windows 10 Mobile?