Mail app for Windows 10 Mobile gets linked inboxes, Calendar app updated too -
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Mail app for Windows 10 Mobile gets linked inboxes, Calendar app updated too

For anyone who uses a Windows 10 Mobile device, the Calendar and Mail apps are both going to, inevitably, be very important to you. For people using several different email addresses to organize their communications, it's always been convenient to have one app for all of your email, across several accounts. For those using the calendar app, it's just been nice to have one place for all of your events and obligations.
Thankfully, both of these apps have received updates on Windows 10 Mobile that should allow you to work even more efficiently on them. The calendar app hasn't changed dramatically, but the addition of a new month view is more than welcome. The real change comes with the Mail app, which is offering a new feature in the way of linking up your mail accounts. This means that, if you want to see emails from different accounts, you can link them up so you don't need to switch between accounts to see two different inboxes. It's a big help for people who want to keep all of their communications together, and should be thoroughly useful.
If you want to try linking together your inboxes, open up the menu on the bottom right of the screen (the three dots,) go to Manage Accounts, Link Inboxes, tap all the accounts you want linked, and save.  After that, you should be all set to start using your Mail app with all those accounts combined.

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