Mahjong Secrets and freda+ ebook reader lead off this week’s Windows Store Red Stripe Deals

Red Stripe Deals- the Windows Store’s staple weekly app discounts – seems to especially aim at office workers nearing the weekends, with great timewasters on the cheap.

Leading the sales in the usefulness department is freda+, one of the best e-book reading apps on the Windows Store, or any platform, for that matter. The app features a bevy of options to customize your reading experience, down to the minutest of details, and books load with proper formatting. The popular EPUB format for e-books is supported, as with multiple ways to import your books either directly from the computer or through the cloud. As part of Red Stripe Deals, freda+ can now be bought for $0.99 instead of the usual $1.99

freda+ ebook reader
freda+ ebook reader
Developer: Turnipsoft
Price: $1.99

Next is a perfect time waster with a steep discount. Mahjong Secrets HD features more than a hundred layouts of the mahjong tiles-matching game everyone knows and loves, with lush graphics, a mix of Hidden Object gameplay, and an interesting story (a story at all is already amazing for this type of game). The game’s full version is down to $0.99 from $4.99.

Mahjong Secrets HD (Full)
Mahjong Secrets HD (Full)
Developer: JoyBits Ltd.
Price: $2.49

Besides the above highlights, there are also a couple more interesting deals, like notetaking app My Notes ($0.99) and cool bouncer game Tennis in the Face from famed developer 10tons. Stay tuned for more great Windows Store deals.

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Which app are you waiting for on Red Stripe Deals?