Maestro mail client for Windows Phone is now available for download

Maestro mail client for Windows Phone is now available for download

A few days ago, we brought you news about Maestro for Windows Phone, a promising new email client for the platform with the potential to be both aesthetically pleasing, and functional at the same time. From the creators of the Rowi Twitter app for Windows Phone, we expect to see the same high level of commitment demonstrated before their Twitter client hit its token limit and was pulled out of the Windows Phone Store.

Thankfully, there is no fear of a token limit when it comes to email, so long live Maestro! As promised earlier, the developers behind the app – also known as Hidden Pineapple – have today released Maestro as a public preview. The app currently features Outlook and Gmail support out of the box, with the ability to add and sync multiple accounts per service. Since no app feels really at home on your Start Screen without Live Tile support the devlopers ensured that it was one of the functioning features from the get go.

Additionally, push notifications will alert you of incoming mail, so it’s probably best to disable Windows Phone’s native email push notifications to avoid having your phone beep, buzz, and light up excessively. HTML support is built in too, meaning your newsletters will look just as gorgeous, yet be just as annoying as they’ve always been. Last but not least, you can adjust the frequency settings for emails so if you prioritize your Outlook over Gmail account (which ahem, you should) will come in very handy.

While all of the above features are currently supported by the native email client in Windows Phone, Maestro will almost surely be getting updated more frequently, considering the native client is only really updated alongside a major OS update. Speaking of OSs, for those of you on the Preview for Developers Windows Phone 8.1 Update, some features such as ‘swipe to delete’ will not work due to bugs in the OS.

While it’s still early in its life, Maestro is bound for greatness, and you get to be one of the early adopters. Microsoft won’t mind, as long as you’re still using Outlook of course, so go ahead, hit the download link below to get your hands on Maestro for Windows Phone!

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