Machine learning solutions provider Equivio is acquired by Microsoft

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Machine learning solutions provider Equivio is acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft has always had a massive interest in businesses because that is where they make the majority of their revenue. Likewise Microsoft’s products usually have a big focus on productivity and time saving. One way technology has been saving companies time resides in the emerging field of machine learning. Microsoft Azure has lots of tools to make machine learning easier and faster for companies to deploy as time savers. The new acquisition Equivio dovetails perfectly into Microsoft’s enterprise productivity and machine learning focus.

Equivio specializes in creating machine learning solutions which enable companies to remain compliant when it comes to their handling of sensitive documents. Legal offices have an enormous task of ensuring proper privacy and security of their documents, but this can prove to be a futile task when documents can be created faster than they can be managed. This is where Equivio’s machine learning solution comes in handy. Users can train the system to identify specific types of data and adjust the rights access to keep the document from being inappropriately exposed. This latest acquisition will further bolster Microsoft’s advantage in the enterprise and government where sensitive data is top priority.

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