MacBook Pro 13: Can a Mac Be a Decent Windows Laptop? -
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MacBook Pro 13: Can a Mac Be a Decent Windows Laptop?

Vivek Gowri: I have been testing out a MacBook Pro 13 running Windows 7 and have put it through our entire PC notebook benchmark suite. We were pretty interested to see how the NVIDIA 320M IGP in the MacBook and MacBook Pro 13 fared compared to low end dedicated cards like the G 310M and the HD 4330, and also to see how much the old Core 2 Duo processor hamstrung the MacBook Pro compared to newer and faster PC notebooks. And on a more subjective level, we wanted to see how the latest MacBooks were as BootCamped systems running mostly in Windows. For those willing to fathom the idea of running Windows 7 as the primary operating system on a Mac portable, keep reading to see how the latest MacBook Pro 13 fares as a Windows 7 laptop...

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