Mac users getting Bing Ads Editor with a beta preview

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft is bringing its Bing Ads Editor to the Mac with today’s announcement of a beta preview for those interested.

We want to provide the best experience possible wherever you are, whenever you need it. Bing Ads has complimentary experiences for you including the Web UI, Bing Ads V10 API, Bing Ads Editor for Windows and the mobile apps for iOS + Android. The biggest gap in our offering has been to provide a robust desktop editor tool for our Mac-based customers. Back in November 2015, we announced that we started working on Bing Ads Editor for Mac and today we are excited to invite all our English speaking advertisers to sign up for the beta.

The Mac version of Bing Ads Editor brings all of the features iOS, Android, and Windows users have loved about the 11th edition straight to the Mac desktop that includes support for managing multiple accounts, speed increases for account downloads, and build edits.

Lastly, owners can leverage a Copy + Paste features across multiple accounts when using OSX enabled keyboard shortcuts such as Command + C or Command +V.

To get hands on the Bing Ads Editor for Mac beta preview involves a relatively straightforward sign-up process that, unfortunately, is being limited to localized US-English regions for the time being. Not everyone is guaranteed to be accepted or entered into the beta, but those who are will be asked to fill out a short survey regarding their Bing Ads-related accounts. From there, their names will be entered into an acceptance queue while waiting on an official email invitation in the beta program.

The Bing Ads team is looking to expand the preview program to soak up as much user-generated feedback as possible and doing so by growing support for all Bing Ads language by the end of summer. Head over to the Bing Ads blog for more information and details on the development of Bing Ads Editor for Mac Beta.