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Microsoft Office has its own Insider program, unsurprisingly known as Office Insider, that offers Office users on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android early access to the newest bits in similar fashion to the Windows Insider program. One difference, however, is that until now, the Office Insider only had one speed, Slow–and that’s changing.

Today, the Office team announced at the Microsoft Answers community site that there’s now another speed to Office Insider updates, Fast. Although name differently (there’s no “Ring” attached), the speeds seem to designate much the same level of intrusiveness as with Windows 10:

What’s the difference between Insider Slow and Insider Fast?
Great question!
• Office Insider Slow: This is the option that we offered originally to Mac users. It’s ideal for those who want early access to fully supported Office 2016 for Mac builds, with minimal risk. Every month, we typically release one, sometimes two, Insider Slow updates.
• Office Insider Fast: This is a new option is for those who want to use the earliest builds possible to improve quality and influence features. Office Insider Fast is best suited for those who don’t mind the risks inherent in using unsupported builds. We aim to release Insider Fast builds to Mac Insiders on a weekly basis, although we’ll hold builds that don’t meet the quality bar.

The process for switching to the new Fast speed is simple. Just update the Office AutoUpdate app on your Mac, and then when it restarts changed your “Choose how you get Insider Builds” option to “Office Insider Fast.” If you’re not already signed up for the Office Insider program, then just check the “Join the Office Insider program to get early access to new releases” box.

Office Insider Signup and Speed Dialog

Sign up for the Office Insider program and select your speed level in the Office AutoUpdate app.

Accept the terms and conditions, then hit the Check for Updates button. You’ll then receive the latest and greatest preview versions of Office 2016 on your Mac.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Office Insider program. Once you’ve downloaded the Office Insider Fast builds, then let us know if you run across anything of particular interest.

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