Lync 2013 apps for WP8 coming in March, Lync and Skype connectivity coming soon

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Microsoft has revealed during the Lync Conference keynote address in San Diego today that Lync 2013 mobile apps for Windows Phone 8 and iOS will be available in early March and Skype connectivity will be coming right after that.

“Lync 2013 mobile apps for Windows Phone 8 and iOS will be available in early March, with Android coming roughly a month later. We’ve added VoIP and video over IP to all of the apps, and added the ability for iPad users to view shared desktop and application content in a Lync meeting. We’ve built these apps with real users’ needs in mind—and have even designed in features that preserve mobile battery life,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

On top of that, Microsoft announced that Lync and Skype connectivity would be coming in June and will be available to all Lync users. “We’re proud to announce Lync-Skype connectivity for presence, IM and voice will be available to all Lync users by June. This move will begin to enable what we call B2X. B2X places the focus of business communication on enabling human interactions. B2X puts people first and looks at communications in a unified way, not as disparate technology silos focused on one task or protocol,” Microsoft added.

Within the next 18 months, Microsoft wants to provide Lync online/server updates, delivered quarterly to allow for rapid customer adoption, and a release of a new Lync server in Q2 of 2014. Microsoft will be working on adding enterprise voice support to Lync Online/Office 365 as well. The next version of Lync server will enable remaining Live Meeting customers to make the complete transition over to Lync. Microsoft is also working to add video to Skype/Lync connectivity and native interoperability between Lync and 3rd party VTCs.

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