Lumia Icon users can now download Windows 10 Mobile preview builds

Zac Bowden


Gabe Aul has just confirmed that the Lumia Icon can now download and install the latest Windows 10 Mobile preview builds via the Insider Fast and Insider Slow rings. Insiders have been asking for preview access ever since Windows 10 Mobile began its official rollout, and now that day is finally here.

This does not mean Windows 10 Mobile is rolling out officially for the Lumia Icon, just today Icon users can now install Redstone builds for testing. It’s highly likely however that at some point, Microsoft will announce official availability of Windows 10 Mobile for the Icon. That isn’t happening today though.

Icon users should be able to jump on the Insider Fast ring right now, but if you can’t see any ring selections just yet don’t worry. Since the update just went live, it may take some time for your device to see the new rings. Let us know if you’ll be installing Windows 10 Mobile Redstone builds on your Icon!