Verizon changes Lumia Cyan update status to “Under Development,” delay continues

Email Twitter: @HammadSalim Nov 12th, 2014 inNews

Lumia Cyan update for Verizon handsets changes to "Under Development," delay continues

Lumia Cyan has rolled out to a majority of handsets in the US on AT&T and other major carriers — excluding Verizon. The Big Red even discontinued the Lumia Icon announced earlier this year, but it seems that there’s more bad news for customers who are using the Lumia 822, 928 or the Icon. 

If you take a closer look at the Microsoft software update page, you’ll see the status of the Lumia Cyan update has changed to “under development.” It’s nothing to be happy about, it’s like a step backwards when it comes to software updates. Usually, the software is already developed when it’s seeded to the carrier, but in case of Verizon, it seems otherwise. It appears that the update has had issues working flawlessly on Big Red’s network.

One of Windows Central readers managed to get in touch with Microsoft and Verizon support, and the they mentioned that they want their apps to work properly on the device before the update is approved by the carrier. So, it was sent back to Microsoft for development.

At the moment, there’s no estimated time frame on when the update will roll out, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as it is ready to hit devices.

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