Lumia Cyan appears for Canadian Windows Phone user

Lumia Cyan rollout starts to North American Windows Phone users

The update that Windows Phone users have been waiting for -- the Lumia Cyan update -- may be starting its rollout to Canada and North America. Over on Reddit, user whatsawindows8 (real name Philip Ossowski) claims to have received the update for a Lumia 925 in Canada.

This is slightly at odds with Nokia's own availability website which still states that the update is "under testing". Some commenters are questioning the claim. Philip says that the update has appear on a Koodo device, but the Lumia 925 did not receive a Canadian release.

It could be that the phone is unlocked and has managed to grab an international version of the update, but it's not yet clear.

Lumia Cyan includes a number of tweaks and additions, such as an enhanced Nokia Camera, updated Storyteller app, and the new Nokia Devices Hub.

Have you managed to snag the update yet or are you still waiting patiently?


We've heard from Philip and he gave us a little more information. He bought the phone from Amazon, and it is a model from the Philippines.

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