Lumia to be rebranded 'Nokia by Microsoft' and Surface name to disappear?

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It's been a while since Microsoft completed the Nokia acquisition, but the question which has been raised far too many times is what the company plans to do with the Nokia brand, as in, the name under which the future devices will launch. Recently, the well-connected @evleaks revealed some interesting information about this matter. He said Microsoft is in the final phases of licensing the Nokia brand so that the devices can launch under the "Nokia by Microsoft" brand name.

He also mentioned some extremely surprising news. Ready for it? Well, he believes Microsoft will ditch the Surface brand for good, and the upcoming tablet line up will launch under the Lumia brand. I know it's a bit difficult to digest, but he says its to streamline the company's tablet portfolio.

"Microsoft is reportedly in the final stages of licensing the Nokia brand, for the purpose of calling the handsets “Nokia by Microsoft.” Furthermore, say goodbye to Surface, and hello to Lumia, as the tablet lineup faces brand streamlining," says @evleaks.

This comes as a very surprising news since Microsoft unveiled its latest tablet, the Surface Pro 3. Secondly, the company has invested a huge sum of money to market the Surface tablets, but on the other hand, it has spent billions to acquire the Nokia's devices and services division. 

It will be interesting to see if this rumor pans out, but considering the track record of the source, there's a chance it may turn out to be true. For those of you who don't remember, he also shared a leaked document related to the branding.

What do you think about this? Is it wise for Microsoft to replace the Surface brand with the Lumia? Share your thoughts using the comments below.

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