Lumia 950's camera shown off with alleged 4K video sample

If the camera plays a big part in your phone purchasing decision, and [because of this] you're on the fence about the newest Lumia, then here's something that should persuade you towards handing over your money. Someone somewhere presumably got hold of a Lumia 950, used it to shoot  a 4K video, and promptly uploading their creation to Youtube, reported Windows Central.
The video is on the Youtube channel -[videotistik]-, which reportedly specializes in smartphone and photo videos since 2008, and so there's some credibility (though not entirely). Some natural sceneries with a lot of foliage presents themselves in staggering vividness and clarity over nice background music, and you can crank the video all the way to 2160p per Youtube settings--if your machine can handle it--for the best viewing experience. Autumn colors of yellow and green just pop on screen, there is no stuttering, and when you see the furs on a fly wiggling on on one of the flowers, it's just wonderful. If this video is a real indication, then the Lumia 950 and 950XL's camera is going to be phenomenal.

Lumia 950 and its bigger sibling, the 950 XL, is going on sale later in November from AT&T in the US, with an international release set somewhere in December (might be earlier for some). In the meantime, read our in-depth look , Kip's take on the Lumia 950 XL and stay tuned for upcoming news and more.

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