Lumia 950 XL back on sale at Amazon UK, no reason given for recent review

Mark Coppock

Update: We’ve received a statement from Microsoft:

Demand for the Lumia 950XL has been very strong and we’re working hard to keep our channel partners supplied. UK customers can check out the best offers for the Lumia 950XL at”

So it sounds like there wasn’t anything wrong with the Lumia 950 XL other than Amazon ran out of stock.  Now, why didn’t they just say that?

Original story below:

Amazon periodically posts cryptic messages about products being “under review” for usually undisclosed reasons. It’s a real mystery sometimes and often casts aspersion on the product being placed in this undefined state. Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL received the “under review” treatment at Amazon UK, and, as usual, we had no good reason for it.

amazon uk 950 xl

The good thing is, the Lumia 950 XL is back on sale today with no reason given for its initial hiatus. Here’s the listing, which should look more familiar:

Lumia 950 XL Amazon UK Listing

We’re glad to see the Lumia 950 XL back on sale and in stock for our UK readers. Head on over to Amazon and get your flagship Windows 10 Mobile smartphone on order, while it lasts.