Lumia 950 news recap: tips, tricks, and first impressions

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It’s been a very busy week for us, with the launch of the Lumia 950 across the globe. Due to the popularity of this phone and the fact that this is the newest flagship Windows 10 Mobile device, we’ve decided to write up a special Lumia 950 news recap piece to showcase important news from the previous week — just in case you missed it.
Among Windows Phone and Lumia fans, the Nokia Lumia 920 was a beast of a phone that represented everything to be proud of with Nokia’s engineering prowess in the Windows Phone arena: a cutting edge camera, immaculate build quality, superb display, and many others. In contrast, its successor, the Lumia 930 (or Lumia Icon in the US), was met with rather lukewarm reception, failing to make the leap necessary to be a worthwhile successor and even regressing in certain areas, such as the lack of Glance. After years of waiting, we now finally have the latest flagship offering, the Lumia 950. Watch our unboxing below.

Microsoft is holding several worldwide events for Windows Insider so they can go hands-on with the new Lumia 950 devices. There’s a special Windows 10 Insider event taking place in Delhi and Mumbai on Monday, November 30th; a Windows Insiders event in London on December 2nd, and an event in Rotterdam on the 2nd as well. Windows Insiders residing in Italy can take part in the December 2nd event set to happen in Milan. These lucky Insiders were contacted via email to attend.
We learned this past week that Verizon is placing the blame on Microsoft for the lack of Verizon support for the Lumia 950. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what T-Mobile said last month. You can read this story here.

Lumia 950 tutorials:

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Keep an eye on WinBeta for all your Lumia 950 news. You can also bookmark our dedicated Lumia 950 page for all the latest news, as well as features and discussions on the topic. We also have a dedicated Lumia 950 XL page!

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