Lumia 950 drops to £344 in the UK, lowest price to date

Hammad Saleem

Yesterday, it was reported that the Lumia 950 was dropped to £369.99 at Expansys in the UK, and yes, the retailer mentioned it will discontinue the black variant of the handset. If you’re still holding off your purchase, you can purchase the Lumia 950 at a lower price on Amazon (via Neowin). Amazon has reduced the price of the handset to £344 for the handset in the UK, which is the lowest price we’ve seen the Lumia 950 at since its launch last year.

Microsoft originally launched the handset for £499.99, later reducing its price by £50 even before it was officially available for sale. Later, the price was reduced further to match the prices offered by the retailers. At the moment, it’s listed for £419.99 on Microsoft’s official store.

The price cut is only available on the black model, and is directly sold by Amazon– not through third-party retailers.