Lumia 950, 950XL, and 550 phones get new default ringtone

Email Twitter: @MiCottuli Oct 24th, 2015 inNews

As insignificant as they are, ringtones have always been one of the things that can define phones – the iPhone’s “Marimba” has been one of the most identifiable jingles in the modern world, being used in TV and movies whenever a cell phone is in the mix. It stand to reason that, when trying to redefine your mobile phone, you should redesign your ringtone as well.

With the new batch of Lumia phones on the horizon, it seems that Microsoft agrees with that reasoning. With these new phones comes a brand new default ringtone, and it sounds pretty catchy, all things considered. Electing to use multiple instruments and bringing some more varied music to the mix, the new ringtone seems to be a worthy default for the new wave of mobile devices. It may not be as immediately catchy as Marimba, but after some time with it I think it’s very likely to grow on Lumia owners.

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