Lumia Denim arrives for the Lumia 920 in several more regions

Hammad Saleem

Lumia 920 gets the Lumia Denim update in several regions

Microsoft is making sure the majority of Lumia devices are upgraded to Lumia Denim as soon as possible. Not too long ago, Microsoft seeded the Lumia Denim update for the Lumia 920 as well as a few other old Lumia devices in India. The list continues to grow as the Lumia Denim update is now showing up in several European countries, including Greece, Norway, Netherlands, the UK and a few other countries as well.

Just take a thorough look at Microsoft’s software update page, and you’ll notice that the Lumia 920 is getting the Lumia Denim update in several other European countries — country variants as well as a carrier-branded versions as well. 

Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim brings several improvements and new features including the ability to create folders on the Start Screen, Lumia Camera app, and several other enhancements. Want to know what the update has to offer and its performance, check out our review of the Lumia Denim update here.