Microsoft’s ’60 Second Productivity Hack’ goes 0 for 2: Office Lens, ever hear of it?

Productivity Hack

A couple of weeks ago, the Lumia Conversations blog (an official Microsoft offering) posted the first of a series of “60 second productivity hacks”, purporting to be tips on how to better use your Lumia device.

The problem with that first “tip” was that it highlighted IFTTT, which does not have a Windows Phone app, and Instagram, which does, but one that hasn’t been updated in over a year, all to get your photos backed up, something that Windows Phone does natively through OneDrive. Now today, this same team is at it again, highlighting a way for you to capture your receipts and save them in OneDrive. Let’s take a look:

The problem is the “productivity hack” consists of taking a picture of your receipt and saving it as an image, totally bypassing the awesome Office Lens app, which works seamlessly with Windows Phone (and iOS and Android) to not only capture those receipts, but to act as “a scanner in your pocket”. It just happens to be installed on the phone they use to demonstrate the much less useful “hack”, as you can see in the lead image above.

Office Lens can not only capture those images into OneNote, but convert them into readable PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files, making them so much more useful when you, as the video suggests, “email the note direct to your manager.”

Microsoft is putting together a compelling set of solutions for individuals and businesses with not only Windows Phone, but mobile first, cloud first apps, but when the company itself doesn’t seem to know what’s available and how to use it, well it just says a lot right there.

You can download Office Lens and a number of other OneNote apps including IFTTT for Windows, from the download link below. Spread the word about how awesome this app, and OneNote, are. Too bad Microsoft and Lumia Conversations aren’t doing the same.

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