Lumia 530’s 5MP shooter isn’t capable of recording videos in 720p HD

Lumia 530's 5MP shooter isn't capable of recording videos in HD

Newer doesn’t always mean better. Take the recently launched Lumia 530 for an example. The successor to the massively popular Lumia 520, the device doesn’t bring any significant improvements. What’s even worse is that the smartphone isn’t better than the last year’s Lumia 520.

Much like the Lumia 520, the 530 sports a 5MP camera. But unlike the former, Lumia 530 isn’t capable of recording HD videos. The Lumia 520 sports a 5MP camera, and while its screen resolution is set to 480p, the camera is still able to capture in 720p HD.

The Lumia 530 on the other hand can only record videos at FWVGA (864 x 480) resolution — which is equivalent to 480p resolution. Do note that the video will still play fine on the handset, but if you transfer the video file to other smartphone, or try to play it on your system, the quality won’t be that great.

The Lumia 530 also has 4GB of internal storage. Except for the dual-SIM support, the device doesn’t really offer any other interesting feature which you won’t find on the Lumia 520 or most of the recently launched Windows Phone handsets.

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