The Microsoft Lumia 435 has colorful interchangable shells

Sean Michael

Lumia 435

The Lumia 435 is a very inexpensive smartphone that runs Windows 8.1 with Lumia Denim and has a distinct Lumia look. In addition to running the latest update for Lumia phones, it also has a unique way of showing off the now famously vibrant Lumia color scheme.

It has interchangeable shells that come in a variety of colors. The shells are available in fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, white, and black. The Lumia 435 has quite a few ways that it can be customized other than changing shells. It is dual-SIM supported so it can be used for work and personal use separately and has MicroSD card support so files and music can easily be transferred.

Interchangeable shells aren’t common in today’s smartphone market but especially for a lower priced phone it is a nice feature. In addition to change colors depending on moods or preferences, the shell can also be replaced if it’s damaged. You can find a more in depth look at the Lumia 435 here.