Lumia 435 and 532 now available from Amazon France, pre-orders up in the UK and Germany as well

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Lumia 435 and 532 now available from Amazon France, pre-orders up in the UK and Germany as well

It’s been a while since Microsoft released a high-end flagship device — Lumia 930 was the last one, launched in 2014. Since then, we’ve seen the software giant switching its focus on the entry-level offerings, especially in developing markets. Not too long ago, the company officially announced the Lumia 532 and Lumia 435, with the latter one being touted as the cheapest Lumia yet, carrying an estimated price tag of almost 69 Euros.

The price tag is great, and the company mentioned both devices are set to launch this month in various regions. And, it seems they’ve started popping up in parts of Europe. Customers interested in the handset will be able to pick up both devices from Amazon France. Lumia 532 comes with a €89.90 price tag, while the Lumia 435 is just €79.90.

It’s not just France, the Lumia 435 is up for pre-order in the UK as well. It costs £88.49 which is slightly higher than the price tag it carries in France, and is expected to ship from March 1st. The handset is available for pre-order in three colors: black, orange and green. There’s no word about the availability of the Lumia 532 in the UK, but it should in the coming weeks.

Last but not the least, the Lumia 532 and 435 is also listed on Notebooksbilliger, a local retailer, but the latter is currently listed as out of stock on the website. Lumia 532 is available and costs €99 — again higher than its price in France.

As a quick recap, Lumia 532 flaunts a 4-inch display sporting a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels, a quad-core Snapdragon 200 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, microSD card support of up to 128GB, 5MP rear shooter for photos and videos, and runs Windows Phone 8.1.

On the other hand, the cheaper Lumia 435 features a 4-inch 480 by 800 pixels display, a dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of expandable storage and ships with Windows Phone 8.1 as its operating system.

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