Germany’s flagship airline carrier ‘Lufthansa’ modernizes their fleet with the Surface Pro 3

Lufthansa modernizes their fleet with the Surface Pro 3

Following Austrian Airlines decision to bring the Microsoft Surface onboard, and Emirates and Delta before them, Germany’s flagship airline carrier Lufthansa has also adopted the Surface Pro 3 to replace its traditional paper-based flight bags.

Lufthansa has acquired over 5000 Surface Pro 3’s for use as electronic flight bags (EFB’s) that will increase pilot productivity, giving them access to dynamic, and up-to-date information during all stages of flight.

The airline will start fitting the Surface Pro 3’s into their fleet with the FAA/EASA-approved NavAero mount beginning in February of next year. The dock will allow the Surface Pro 3 to hook up directly into a planes’ electronics systems through a specially designed interface for power, data, and display connectivity. For more detailed you can check out the Microsoft Connected Cockpit whitepaper here.

The airline has opted to purchase 1 device for every pilot, rather than only 2 units for each aircraft in their fleet. Lufthansa will be encouraging pilots to take their devices with them out of the cockpit to use as laptop replacements. The company hopes to complete the rollout by spring 2015.

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