LSI WarpDrive SLP-300 Review takes a look at one of the more extreme SSDs out on the market, the LSI WarpDrive SLP-300. The SLP-300 is an enterprise-class PCIe SSD utilizing an internal RAID controller to tie together six SandForce SF-1500 controllers with 300GB of durable SLC flash.

Specs include 1,400MB/s sustained sequential read/write, less than 50 microsecond seek time, up to 240,000 4K Read IOPS, and up to 200,000 4K Write IOPS. The MSRP of the drive is $11,500 although street price is around $7,500. The SLP-300's target usage includes high traffic websites and databases where low latency and high I/O performance are critical. Such a drive can potentially replace high-end 15k RPM storage arrays that take up much more space and power.

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