“Lost Sands” is the fourth Sea of Thieves limited-time adventure

Robert Collins

Sea of Thieves’ fourth story-based Adventure has launched. The new Adventure is titled “Lost Sands” and will be available from May 26 to June 9.

In Lost Sands players will help determine the fate of the Golden Sands outpost, siding with either Merrick or the Servant of the Flame. The side with the most player support at event’s end will determine whether the outpost will be restored to its past glory or be doomed to remain a ruin.

Anyone needing a refresher can find some story primers here. And don’t forget to use the hashtags #SaveGoldenSands or #RuinGoldenSands on your social media.

Like past Sea of Thieves Adventures, Lost Sands is free to download and play for those who have purchased the game on Xbox consoles, Windows PC, or through Steam. Sea of Thieves is currently available on Game Pass, and offers cross-platform play.

If you haven’t yet played this fun online action-adventure game, there is no better time than right now to get in on the swashbuckling action and join over 15 million other players.