Microsoft confirms it will be rebranding Lync to Skype for Business on March 18th

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft confirms it will be rebranding Lync to Skype for Business on March 18th

Microsoft has a problem. It’s a problem they’re are working to resolve but it’s problem they’ve had for a while. Product confusion. In Microsoft’s attempt to offer legendary support for their products they’ve created a quagmire of an issue in their product categories. With two feet in the enterprise market and one hand in the consumer space, Microsoft has continually found itself trying to explain, ‘re-brand’ or merge many of their seemingly redundant product offerings.

Why are there a million different SKUs of Windows? What is the difference between Outlook and Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business? Why are there three separate stores for entertainment in the Windows ecosystem (Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Windows Store)? And last but not least, why continue to support both in-house project Lync (which I would argue is a better solution) and the more ubiquitous Skype?

While Microsoft hasn’t clearly explained the Windows or Outlook situation it does seem to be answering the others. The Windows Store in the Window 10 Technical Preview just got an update that is now combing Music and Video into it, OneDrive for Business is replacing SharePoint Workplaces and now the Skype/Lync rebranding seems to be on schedule for an official revealed this month.

On March 18th Microsoft will be rebranding Lync as Skype for Business. This rebranding will be announced in a keynote that will be live-Twitted over at the @skypeBusiness account. This is not only a key rebranding for the communication services but a melding of technologies that will net business users a seamless and training-free transition for the product. Stay tuned to WinBeta for more details on the the 18th.