Looking for that Xbox One preview update? Check every day around 5-6pm PST

Laurent Giret

Xbox One

With E3 2016 just a week away, the Xbox One has already been generating some buzz this week as we just learned that the next Xbox One Preview build would bring a lot of interesting features to Microsoft’s gaming console. As usual, the Xbox team will first make this build available for members of the Xbox Preview Program and Xbox head Mike Ybarra added in a tweet yesterday that the roll out of the preview build would happen in waves.

While the new Xbox One build was sent to the initial wave of people at around 6PM PST yesterday, Ybarra has just tweeted today that going forward, new invites for the Xbox One Preview build will roll out every day around 5-6PM PST and “ramp up each day.”


As we previously reported this morning, several Xbox One users who have already installed this build have noticed some things that hadn’t been officially announced by the Xbox team: from beep noise when the console is being shut down or started up via the controller to new options to add borders around apps on TVs with overscanning. We’re sure that we’ll soon learn about more hidden features in this build, and as we learn of notable new features we’ll be sure to let you know.

Additionally, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson explained yesterday that Microsoft would use an opt-in program to let fans choose how they want to participate. Did you get the chance to install this latest Xbox One preview build? Please share your experience in the comments!