Looking for an iTunes alternative on Windows? Check out Style Jukebox

Style Jukebox is an alternative music app to iTunes available on Windows 10 Mobile, Android, and iOS┬áto fit all your music needs. Style Jukebox is also available as a Windows desktop app or on OS X, but it’s not yet available as a Windows 10 Universal App. If you want a different way to play your music other than iTunes or Groove Music, then you can try Style Jukebox.

Here are the available features for Style Jukebox:

  • Upload up to 10 GB of music for free
  • All your music and playlists are automatically synced
  • Stream your music over cellular/Wi-Fi
  • Download songs on your phone for offline playback or to reduce data plan usage
  • You can store music bought online, music imported from CDs, even music you create
  • Control music with your voice. Play, queue or search songs using Cortana and Style Jukebox
  • You have instant access to your entire music collection at High-Fidelity sound quality (including lossless formats FLAC and M4A ALAC)
  • Create temporary song queue
  • You own and you will always own the music!
  • Import your music from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive in just a few minutes

Style Jukebox is ad-free, private, and free up to 10GB. PRO accounts start at $2.99 for 100 GB of music storage, with a higher $7.99 a month plan with 1 TB of music storage.

Download Style Jukebox for Windows PC or on Windows 10 Mobile via the link below.

Style Jukebox Hi-Res Cloud Player
Style Jukebox Hi-Res Cloud Player
Developer: DigitalGeek
Price: unknown
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Have you tried Style Jukebox? Is it better than Groove Music or iTunes?