Looking for some awesome Microsoft-inspired wallpapers? This Windows Insider MVP has you covered

Arif Bacchus

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There are obviously many ways to spice up the desktop on your Windows 10 PC, but one Windows Insider MVP is taking things a step further. Indeed, Michael Gillett has created WallpaperHub.app, a special website where you can download all the latest Microsoft-themed wallpapers.

Gillet dives into the details on his project on his Medium blog, and says that he’s been listening to feedback to create a website where you can “download [a wallpaper] so you can use the right size for your device.” The website itself is also heavily influenced by Fluent Design and even has a dark mode. Even more so, there are all kinds of wallpapers and collections to choose from: Microsoft conferences, Surface, Xbox, NinjaCat, and more.

A look at Gillet’s website

Our personal favorite feature of this website happens to be the “Wallpaper Versions” option, which Gillet referred to. This lets you easily pick a resolution of each wallpaper for mobile, desktop, and certain Microsoft devices. There’s also a “Wallpaper Collection” which groups related wallpapers and better helps you find the Microsoft-themed wallpaper you have in mind.

Gillet says he’s planning on working on the website over time and will be working to bring it to the Microsoft Store as a PWA. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s next. Feel free to check out WallpaperHub.app and let us know which wallpaper you’ve chosen to use on your device by dropping us a comment below.