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Looking for a more powerful 3D editor than Paint 3D? Adobe updates Project Felix beta

If you've gotten your hands on Paint 3D already in the Windows 10 Creators Update, then you've likely experienced how easy creating virtual models can be. However, at its core, Paint 3D is more of a stepping stone to the wonderful world of 3D design. As we edge closer to the general release, Adobe has taken the growing interest of digital creation as a sign to update their own Project Felix 3D Editor.

In what can be described as Photoshop mixed with Paint 3D, Adobe Project Felix 3D Editor is a more powerful software built to help users with little experience to create in a 3D perspective.

Version 0.2 released yesterday has the following new highlights:

  • Render progress: A progress bar is now displayed during rendering along with an elapsed time counter.
  • Drag and drop import: You can now import models and images from the desktop or an open explorer window.
  • 3D placement: When dropping a model into the viewport, the model is now placed at the cursor location in the scene.
  • Eyedropper: You can now replace any material with another material using the eyedropper action in the object properties.
  • Unlink action: Materials can now be ‘unlinked’ to create a copy and edit the material on only the selected object.
  • Feedback Panel Updates: The feedback panel has been updated to provide voting, suggestions and status updates on the current features. You can also add attachments, so sharing ideas or reporting bugs is easier than ever.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where users weren’t being subscribed to their posts and didn’t see the responses.
  • Height indicator: When transforming a selection, you can now see a height indicator, which displays the distance between the reference point and the ground plane.
  • Reference point presets: Objects can now set their reference point to bottom-center, center, or top-center, allowing for more customized transformations. All objects use bottom-center as the default.
  • Grouping: You can now create groups for organization and multi-selection transformations. Use Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Win) + G to create a group and Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Win) + Shift + G to ungroup.
  • Duplicate: You can now use Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl (Win) + D to duplicate in place or by using the alt modifier key to duplicate while moving, rotating, or scaling.
  • Material (.mdl) import: You can now import .mdl materials downloaded from Adobe Stock via the File > Import Material menu option in Felix. The import is currently limited to the Adobe Standard Material version of MDL. For more information, see Adobe Standard Material properties.

As Digital Trends notes, it seems that Adobe is catering more to designers than to 3D modelers primarily. Most of the new features, enhancements, and updates add familiarity to Adobe Photoshop, making it more open to a wider audience. Users can just drag and drop a 3D model, material, and light into the scene.

Adobe Project Felix is still in beta, but it is currently available for free for paid Creative Cloud memberships, including team and enterprise versions. It can be downloaded with the Creative Cloud app.

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