The long wait for Quantum Break is over, set for April 5th launch

Kareem Anderson

Quantum Break on Xbox One

The seemingly long wait for gaming studio Remedy’s latest offering, Quantum Break is officially over. While news of a release date, open beta weekend and pre-order pages recently surfaced, the studio’s game hadn’t been, by industry standards, completed yet, meaning any unforeseen bugs or production issues could have still caused the game to be delayed from that point.

However, the creative director at Remedy, Sam Lake, took to his Twitter account recently to put a final confirmation on the status of Quantum Break by informing fans that the game has “gone GOLD.”

Going gold, otherwise known as a release to manufacturing (RTM), is only used when software products are finally completed in their development cycles and ready to be released ‘as is’ to customers. With a little over a month until Quantum Break’s scheduled release on April 5, 2016, going “gold” now allows this most recent build of the game to be “gold mastered’ and sent to the presses for mass produced and shipped in large quantities by the April 5th date.

Now, just because the game has ‘gone gold’ doesn’t mean it’s a gamer-complete release but rather, good enough to ship out the door. Judging by recent game releases, good enough seems to be the status quo.