Logitech trying to add launch day Xbox One support to Harmony remotes

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Logitech trying to add launch day Xbox One support to Harmony remotes

Logitech is working with Microsoft in a bid to allow it Harmony remotes to be used with Xbox Ones from launch day on Friday. The universal remote is something that used by many people to reduce the clutter of having different controllers for a TV, DVR, sound system and other electronic devices and Logitech’s Harmony range has proved very popular.

Talking to Polygon, a Logitech representative said “We are working directly with the Xbox team at Microsoft to have Harmony support on Day 1 of Xbox One launch.”

Obviously there is not long to go now, so the two companies are going to have to work together very quickly!

Harmony remotes can already be used in conjunction with an Xbox 360, and there is certainly scope for them to be used with the Xbox One. This is not the case for PlayStation 4 owners who find themselves with consoles that lack an IR sensor, ruling out control with a large proportion of remotes.

Logitech’s range of remote controls differs from many other universal remotes on the market. Rather than requiring you to manually change TV inputs, power on different devices and adjust settings with a complex series of button presses, it is possible to program a series of shortcut. Set up a Gaming shortcut and the remote can be configured to automatically power up a console, switch the TV on and select the correct input as well as turning on a sound system.

Do you have a Harmony remote? Do you welcome this news?

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