Logitech rebrand includes more color and new "Logi" label

Logitech rebrand includes more color and new "Logi" label

Logitech, a company known for high quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and webcams, is aiming to stand out from the crowd with a new look and an updated brand. They’ve hired their “first-ever chief design officer” and show off their new look in a blog post explaining the changes to their image.

In addition to a very colorful new look they will also feature a new label on what they refer to as their “newest device categories.” They also tease about the first Logi product arriving in the near future and have a video showing off the new brand.

Rebranding can be a tricky thing. In some cases it revitalizes a line of products and draws in a new audience. A famous non tech example is Mountain Dew being successfully branded to a younger generation. In other cases it may not affect a company’s bottom line. Rebranding often causes quite a bit of buzz, sometimes not all of it good, which was the case earlier this week with Microsoft’s Groove.

The peripheral market is full of a lot of companies and devices, many of which look very similar. By adding flare to their image, Logitech may turn a few more heads of folks browsing the web or walking through stores.

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