Livestream the Presidential debates on Bing, and register to vote while you’re at it

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be facing off tonight at Hofstra University for the first of the U.S. Presidential Debates, and Bing wants you to be prepared for the moment. The Microsoft search engine will be live streaming the debate, and will be providing you with all the information necessary to vote in the upcoming election.

Debates on Bing
Debates on Bing

Overall, all it takes to live stream the debate and to the updated Bing Elections experience is to search “presidential debate video.” After that search, you will  reach a  debate page with two video streaming options, and an area with tweets, debate information, and more.

While you’re at it, you can also search for the full schedule of debates by searching for “schedule of debates” on Bing. Additionally, since tomorrow marks National Voter Registration Day, you can also use Bing to find out how you can register to vote in your state, and other important voting deadlines.

Are you excited to watch the U.S. Presidential debates? Let us know how you will be watching, and your other thoughts  by dropping us a comment below!

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