Liveleak+ gives Windows Phone users easy access to a world of videos

Liveleak+ gives Windows Phone user easy access to a world of videos

Think of online video sites and it’s probably YouTube that comes to mind first. But in fact there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, one of which is Liveleak. This is a site that has a focus on current affairs and events from around the world rather than funny cat clips and the like. Liveleak+ makes it easy for Windows Phone users to access the site to browse through videos.

This is not an official app, hence the + in the name rather just being named Liveleak, but don’t let this put you off. The app is free and is still wet behind the ears, but it is already showing great signs of promise.

It’s a fairly simple affair that can be used to browse through the various categories that are available, play back videos in full HD and at fullscreen, and perform searches. Yes, it’s basic, but all the essentials are covered — apart from an upload option, everything you could need is here.

You can bag yourself a copy of the app from the Windows Phone Store. Hit the download link below and let us know what you think.

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