Live TV through the Sling TV app is coming to Xbox One

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Live TV through the Sling TV app is coming to Xbox One

Entertainment is the core of the Xbox and Microsoft want's their users to be able to choose between games, music, video, live TV, and the Web. Sling TV is a new app which will bring live TV to the Xbox One over the internet without the need to be subscribed to a cable provider. The app partners with DISH to bring ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel for $20 a month. A free trial will be available for users to try the service before subscribing.

Live TV has been waning in popularity for years now, and Microsoft wants to use the Xbox One to span the gap between watching live TV, and streaming content over the internet. The Xbox One can control a DVR box which is passed through the HDMI ports, but live TV is only available in Europe via the cable adaptor. In the US Xbox One users are still tied to their cable providers, but hopefully Sling TV is start of freedom from a cable subscription. Sling TV will offer video on demand and live content to fulfill all the video needs of any Xbox One users.

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