Live Folders, Chinese Cortana and other Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 features demoed (videos)

Live Folder, Chinese Cortana and other Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 features demoed in videos

Ahead of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1’s official launch, which will be happening next week, we have already got video demonstration of some of its features including Live Folders and the Chinese version of Cortana.

One of the videos demonstrates the working of Live Folders. If you remember, it is one of the biggest features to be coming with Update 1. Live Folders will allow users to add several Live Tile icons into one folder.

Users will be required to long press to be able to move a tile, and upon dragging it on another tile, a folder will be created. What’s even more interesting is how the folders when opened make some space right below it allowing better visibility and sense of what’s going on.

Besides that, we have got another video which demonstrates the entire operating system. The video is in Chinese, and you are getting a look at the Chinese version of Cortana. There is a brief glimpse of Live Folders as well.

Another interesting thing we spotted was how the Calendar app now allows you to view your schedules without leaving the month view. Furthermore, it is easier than ever to switch between different views.

With the Update 1, Cortana is becoming available in many more regions, including China. The demonstrator plays with Cortana for quite some time, performing basic searches, text messages, launching apps etc.

The voice of Cortana too is amusing, and so is its dynamic icon.  You can watch the video below. Let us know which feature interested you the most.

Thanks Sargon for the tip!

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