LINX: Cloud Computing and the African Peering Scene discussed in the latest issue of HotLINX magazine

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The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has announced the launch of the latest edition of its quarterly magazine, HotLINX, which includes a special three page feature on Cloud Computing as its lead story.

Internet intelligence and cybersecurity experts Renesys, LINX member BSO Network Solutions and network hardware provider Brocade, have all contributed with each approaching the Cloud concept from a different angle. The topic has polarised many in the industry so these articles are sure spark further debate in the LINX community.

LINX is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation whose 370-plus members include the majority of the world’s leading network operators. Membership of LINX provides a cost effective way of improving traffic latency and quality by direct peering with other member networks.

Elsewhere in HotLINX there is a definite African flavour to the magazine’s content. There is an overview of the peering market on the continent plus coverage of the recent Capacity Africa conference in Kenya.

“We strongly felt that by sponsoring this event we had a great opportunity to raise LINX’s profile in Africa”, said Jennifer Atherton, LINX’s Business Development Executive. “Having presented the benefits of peering at LINX to network operators in Nairobi, we are confident in attracting new members from the region to further broaden the routing options of the LINX membership as a whole”.

Initially a member only publication, HotLINX is now read by stakeholders right across the industry. Recipients also include equipment vendors, colocation providers, educational bodies, news agencies plus government officials and policy makers, concerned with Internet regulation.

All HotLINX issues including the Cloud Computing special can be downloaded from the LINX website:

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