Links to songs on Bing Search now launch and play via Xbox Music

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Links to songs on Bing Search now launch and play via Xbox Music

Microsoft seems to have reinstated a feature to Bing Search results, allowing you to play a song via Xbox Music. This functionality further tightens both the Bing and Xbox products together.

If you search for an artist or specific song on Bing Search, you will be presented with search results that showcase the artist as well as the songs that go along with the artist. Along with the list of songs, you will see a play button next to the song title. If you click that play button, you will be taken to where you will be able to listen to that track, for free.

The same functionality goes for Smart Search on Windows 8.1. If you launch the Search charm and search for an artist, such as “2 Chainz,” you will be presented with a list of songs. Clicking on a song will launch the Xbox Music app. 

According to the terms of service for Xbox Music, you can stream a few hours of music per month before you’ll have to pay for an Xbox Music Pass, which offers access to 18 million tracks for $10 per month.

Definitely a neat little feature, don’t you agree?

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