LinkedIn unveils new publishing experience, available first in the US -
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LinkedIn unveils new publishing experience, available first in the US

The professional network and recent Microsoft acquisition LinkedIn is updating their publishing experience. In addition to connecting with colleagues and searching for jobs, LinkedIn enables users to post longer form articles.

It is a great way to showcase tips, insight, and industry knowledge to distinguish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. However, to a certain extent, LinkedIn's previous publishing experience was lacking in comparison to modern blog sites.

The difference in publishing experience, via LinkedIn

But now users in the US can try out LinkedIn's updated publishing experience which features a new modern user interface and richer multimedia. Articles can be edited in a full-width experience and more easily add and manipulate in-line multimedia; including "images, video, slides, podcasts, and more."

Adding multimedia with LinkedIn's new publishing experience, via LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Quill

The new publishing experience is powered by a partnership with the open source project Quill. Jason Chen and the Quill team launched version 1.0 of their rich text editor just this week. Quill was born out of open source projects from his startup Stypi, which was purchased by Salesforce.

Quill distinguishes itself by using document object model (DOM) abstraction  approach with modular and clean APIs. The DOM abstraction model makes for a more consistent experience across browsers since Quill doesn't rely on the DOM of each specific browser.

LinkedIn will work with Quill on an ongoing basis and several LinkedIn team members are part of the Quill Slack channel. The LinkedIn team mentions  as Quill evolves it could open the door for new features like "collaborative editing and custom rich media types."

LinkedIn also updated their tagging and distribution system in conjunction to switching to Quill. Users can now add hashtags to make their article more discoverable through search. All of these changes are now available in the US. LinkedIn says they will be available internationally soon but gave no timeline.

You can read more about LinkedIn's selection of Quill, and experience what a new LinkedIn article looks like, here. And if you are curious about Quill you can learn more about them through their website or Github page.

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