LinkedIn merges three of its hiring tools into one new experience

Kareem Anderson

LinkedIn has been making some relatively bold moves over the past few months as it introduces a beta rollout of its new LinkedIn Live video streaming service, combing its disparate app offerings into a more streamlined experience and launching a new Groups experience.

Adding to its roadmap of platform changes comes a new one that will optimize it’s perhaps most attractive feature set by combing its core talent tools into a single platform.

Announced yesterday, February 12, 2019, LinkedIn will put its Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder services onto a new platform that will result in a more ‘intelligent hiring experience’.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an ancient idea that we’re putting to use with our products: we’re moving LinkedIn’s three core talent tools — Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder — onto a single platform, the new intelligent hiring experience, which will make life for recruiters easier, more efficient, and even more aligned with how you want to get things done.

The new platform consolidation comes as part of an effort from the company to address user feedback and LinkedIn is also taking this opportunity to expand its efforts to cater to even more feedback and scheduling up to 15 new product announcements over the next few quarters.

unified talent pool

The details of LinkedIn’s new intelligent hiring experience include

  • Single pipeline to manage candidates from multiple sources
  • Slide-in-profile view
  • New call-to-action options in the mobile app
  • Algorithmic candidate recommendations
  • Shared messages viewable in a single place
  • Bulk and individual candidate rejection notifications

While LinkedIn plans a massive features rollout over the next year or so, its new intelligent hiring experience should come into focus mid year 2019.