LinkedIn makes changes so your feed is more relevant and productive

Arif Bacchus

LinkedIn has announced several upcoming changes to the feed on the website. The changes are all designed around feedback from LinkedIn users over the past few years and should make your feed a lot more relevant and productive.

At the top of the list of changes are more controls to help you tweak your feed. You’ll be able to signal that you’re not interested in something with a new “I don’t want to see this” option in a post. You’ll be able to report posts, too, with LinkedIn testing a status option for this.

In addition, LinkedIn will show you more targeted activity from your network, and more news and insights from people you want to learn from. Other changes rolling out to LinkedIn include reducing low-quality content like posts that encourage liking or asking for comments. LinkedIn even wants to help conversations be safe, so they’ll take more action on a profile that violates their rules. The final change covers better filtering for polls, to show only those that are relevant and helpful.

These changes build on what LinkedIn has already introduced, such as the ability to filter out political content from your feed. Also added recently to LinkedIn was a new option to add a website link at the top of your profile.