LinkedIn issues clarification, Windows phone apps will continue to be supported

Laurent Giret

LinkedIn Windows Phone app

A couple of hours ago, we reported that some users of the Windows Phone LinkedIn app had received an email telling them that the company would “no longer be supporting this older version after January 15, 2017.” Additionally, the company invited users to upgrade to the latest versions of the app on iOS and Android.

However, the company has since clarified that Windows Phone users will not be affected by this change. To be clear, the LinkedIn Windows Phone app will keep working as usual following January 15, and it won’t disappear from the Windows Store. Here is the statement we received:

Earlier today some Windows users of the LinkedIn app mistakenly received an email stating that we would be retiring the older version of the flagship app. Users accessing LinkedIn through the Windows version of the app are not affected, and older versions of the app on the Windows phone will continue to work normally. Additionally, new Windows users can still download the app.

This will be good news for those of you who use the app regularly, though as we wrote in our previous story the LinkedIn app has not been updated since December 2013 and lacks many features found on the iOS and Android versions.