LinkedIn introduces Lead Gen Forms, an easy way for businesses to collect quality leads

Kit McDonald

LinkedIn logo

Microsoft’s focus on enterprise continues to thrive through LinkedIn, the business social networking service purchased just last year. In its latest efforts to improve better business/consumer connection, LinkedIn is now adding easily interactive Lead Gen Forms.

As VentureBeat explains, these lead generation forms aren’t anything new to businesses. Oftentimes you’ll have a marketer attempting to drum up interest for a product by asking for name, email, phone, etc. so that you can join their mailing list. Unfortunately for the campaigns, these forms are often unfinished or empty, particularly from a mobile user’s perspective.

That’s where LinkedIn is planning to do it differently. Banking on active users of LinkedIn to have their profile filled out and even up to date, marketers will be able to start campaigns with Lead Gen Forms that automatically fill in that information. This way, users are only a few clicks or taps away from expressing interest in an ad.

“Given that 80 percent of member engagement with Sponsored Content happens on smartphones, we are confident that a mobile-first approach to Lead Gen Forms will offer advertisers the best results,” said Divye Khilnani, a group product manager at LinkedIn.

After using the form, users will be directed to the business’ desired location such as a site, ebook, or any other link. The report mentions that currently the forms are only being used on LinkedIn’s mobile app, but that it will spread to desktop service not long from now.

It might be worth being aware that it’ll be easier to accidentally share your information with these advertisers. Will the addition to LinkedIn’s campaign Lead Gen Forms will be useful or will they create more hassle to avoid for the more average user? Let us know what you think in the comments below.