LinkedIn finds 4 takeaways for sales and marketing from this week’s Microsoft Envision conference

After a very successful Build 2016 (which was focused on what Microsoft had to offer to developers,) Microsoft moved on this week to hold it’s inaugural Envision conference for business leaders in New Orleans. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opened the conference up on Monday and mentioned goals of empowering all people and organizations on the planet to achieve more. LinkedIn, however, was also at the event, and they served a leading role as they spent the week with those in attendance at Envision 2016.

Satya on the Stage at Envision 2016. (Photo from LinkedIn)

Satya on the Stage at Envision 2016. (Photo from LinkedIn)

LinkedIn found four takeaways from the event, Transformative Selling, The Future of Marketing, Market to Who Matters, and Driving Opportunity. As seen on LinkedIn, brief summaries of each of these takeaways are below.

Transformative Selling:

In a segment with Judson Althoff,  LinkedIn’s John Lister demonstrated LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, which helps power over 61% of Microsoft’s North American revenue. The audience was talked through how to drive more relevant conversations and identify optimal paths of influence into new and existing accounts.

The Future of Marketing:

In an interview with Microsoft’s Alex Bradley, Mike Weir, LinkedIn’s Technology Vertical Director, discussed new research about the complex purchase path of today’s technology.

Market to Who Matters:

LinkedIn’s Mike Dudgeon led a theater session sharing how Microsoft has become one of the most influential brands on LinkedIn through content. There, participants discussed how it is crucial to leverage content in contextually relevant environments.

Mike Dudgeon leads the theater session. (Photo from LinkedIn)

Mike Dudgeon leads the theater marketing session. (Photo from LinkedIn)

Driving Opportunity:

Grad Conn from Microsoft’s Central Marketing Organization reinforced how marketing and sales play integral parts in today’s society. He mentioned the importance of leveraging Sales Navigator for collecting intelligence and building relationships.

You can learn more about these, and other sessions by visiting the Microsoft Envision webpage. While you’re at it, we also would love to hear your thoughts on these four aspects, so be sure to shoot us a comment below!

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