LinkedIn comes to Samsung's Bixby digital assistant

Bixby, Samsung's new digital assistant that ships on the company's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones, now integrates with LinkedIn. If you own one of Samsung's latest and greatest handsets, you'll see the integration go live after installing the LinkedIn Android app and logging in with your account.

Once Bixby gets access to your LInkedIn data, the digital assistant will be able to display information cards that will surface contextually. "Ahead of a meeting, Bixby will notify you with information about who you’re preparing to meet through “My Schedule” notifications, and sharing links to their LinkedIn profile which highlights other relevant background info such as shared connections", the LinkedIn blog post notes. Additionally, you can use Bixby to check the top news of the day on your personalized LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn comes to Samsung's Bixby digital assistant - - August 7, 2017
Bixby now integrates with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn already integrates with Cortana on Windows 10 devices as well as Siri on iPhones and iPads, but what Samsung and LinkedIn did here is quite different. On Windows 10, the Cortana integration doesn't require the LinkedIn Windows 10 app, but it's much more limited for now. As for iOS, you can use Siri voice commands to send private messages to your LinkedIn contacts, but that's pretty much it. Overall, this new Bixby integration seems much more useful, but the fact that Bixby remains exclusive to Samsung's latest premium smartphones will probably limit its appeal with consumers.

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