LinkedIn announces Open19 project, creating a “New Vision for the Data Center”

Kit McDonald

The LinkdIn team announced a major project at the DatacenterDynamics Webscale conference yesterday. Yuval Bachar shared the ‘new vision’ for data centers called Open19. This initiative intends to set a standard for open servers with a specified list of criteria:

  • Standard 19-inch 4 post rack;
  • Brick cage;
  • Brick (B), Double Brick (DB), Double High Brick (DHB);
  • Power shelf—12 volt distribution, OTS power modules;
  • Optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU);
  • Optional Networking switch (ToR);
  • Snap-on power cables/PCB—200-250 watts per brick;
  • Snap-on data cables—up to 100G per brick;
  • Provides linear growth on power and bandwidth based on brick size.

Open19 server platforms will be made a standard for LinkedIn servers going forward and the team is encouraging others to join them. The project already boasts that almost any size of data center would benefit. Open19 has provided significant improvements to rack integration and deployment. Consolidating the requirements for data servers will make it possible for easier and cost effective storage across many different environments.

The initiative is still in the early stages but has proven to have a high rate adoptability with peers and suppliers due to its simple design. Visit to learn more about the project.